Activate New Emojis of Whatsapp for Android

Written language has been one of those that has never stopped evolving, this is due to the intensity with which it is practiced and the fact that people seek to save as much time as possible when writing to their peers.

In this way, the use of written language is essential for today's society, being sincere. Who spends a day without sending a message or checking their social networks? That is why in this post we will show you how you can download and update the new EMOJIS of WHATSAPP on your mobile device.

We can understand in this way, the importance of instant messaging applications, being the favorite of these: WhatsApp Messenger. This application has been at the forefront of the messaging industry since its launch in 2009, growing, evolving and constantly improving. To the point that, currently has more than 1 billion users.

In order to maintain these huge amounts of users and keep captivating people to download their application, they can not stop innovating in the content they present to their consumers: What is more striking than new Emojis to use in conversations?

Update & Activate New Emojis of Whatsapp for Android

Every time that WhatsApp Messenger includes new emoticons in your application, it is necessary to update it to be able to obtain them and use them in any of our conversations.

This way, if we are using an Android device and we want the new and attractive Emojis in our WhatsApp chats, the first thing we have to do is go to our Google Play Store, once we type in the search engine: WhatsApp Messenger , taking great care in selecting the first option that appears, because there are several applications that try to supplant the original WhatsApp Messenger and could be harmful to your device.

Once the correct application has been selected, the second step is to click on the green button that says: "update" as long as there is a new update available. Then you should start the download and immediate installation of this update, this automatic process will only have to wait a few minutes and you're ready to use the New Emojis that WhatsApp has for you.

Update & Activate New Emojis of Whatsapp for iOS

The way to get the New Emojis on iPhone is even simpler than Android, so if you want to start sending your contacts the Emojis that WhatsApp has prepared for you, you will not have much complication, you just have to keep your application updated. This is because when WhatsApp Messenger implements new Emojis, it allows its use to the public through updates of its application.

To activate automatic updates in iOS and thus constantly enjoy the news WhatsApp has, you must go to: "Settings" and immediately click on the section where your username appears, after this, select "iTunes Store and App Store "should appear a list with the automated downloads, at this point you just have to make sure that the option of" Apps "is activated, in this way, every time a new update is available your device will download it and you will be able to download it. Enjoy using the New Emojis that WhatsApp has for you.